Crusade Prayer (86) Release me from the torment of doubt

“I come before You, confused, unsure and frustrated, dear Jesus, because I am worried about the Truth You proclaim within Your Messages.

Forgive me if I have wronged You.

Forgive me if I cannot hear You.

Open my eyes, so that I can be shown what it is You need me to understand.

I implore You to give me the Power of the Holy Spirit to show me the Truth.

I love You, dear Jesus, and I beg You to release me from the torment of doubt.

Help me to respond to Your call.

Forgive me if I have offended You and bring me closer to Your Heart.

Guide me to Your New Kingdom and grant me the favour, so that through my own prayers and suffering, I can help You to salvage souls, so precious to Your Sacred Heart.  Amen.”

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