Messages from The Book of Truth

  1. Every man possesses traits of My Father
  2. Mother of Salvation: God’s angels can be asked to pray for you but never to grant you powers
  3. Those who gave away their birthright to the beast, will never come before Me
  4. New names will be given to titles, which are associated with Me.
  5. People have lost love in their lives because they no longer revere Me
  6. Mother of Salvation: The false church of darkness will be lifeless
  7. Heresies will abound and my Name will become extinct
  8. The earth, infested by their evil ways, will groan in pain
  9. The evil spirit of Jezebel will do all she can to infiltrate My Church on earth
  10. Mother of Salvation: I have a message for the Roman Catholic Clergy
  11. Mother of Salvation: Let me bring love and comfort to the afflicted
  12. Soon Christians will become like pagans.
  13. Mother of Salvation: The more you pray, the stronger will be your relationship with God
  14. Mother of Salvation: if you do not ask, then how can my Son help you?
  15. God would never dictate any other doctrine because He gave the world His Word
  16. Pagans, who shun the Truth, will enter My House
  17. The only objective of private revelation is to save souls
  18. I was deemed to be a wicked man and a false prophet and so they scourged Me
  19. Your life on earth is a test of your love for Me
  20. I will salvage 5 billion souls because of this Mission
  21. Mother of Salvation: The Book of Truth is contained in Public Revelation
  22. Those who believe that God will not punish the wicked do not know Him
  23. God the Father: Let not one man amongst you be ignorant of My Justice
  24. Once confusion enters the Church it creates discord. Know that this does not come from God.
  25. Euthanasia is an abhorrent act in My Eyes
  26. I will come at a time when you least expect
  27. Nothing can come from nothing
  28. Those who opposed My First Coming refused to accept the Will of God
  29. Mother of Salvation: Accept the Cross with dignity. Do not complain.
  30. Mother of Salvation: Faith is the foundation of the Church
  31. I pour great Graces over My Followers at this time
  32. God the Father: Without Me you could not exist
  33. Mother of Salvation: My role as the Mother of God’s children is being undermined
  34. Sometimes, what may seem unfair is beyond your understanding
  35. The Hand of God will use the sun to alert the world
  36. Oh how arrogant is the man who scoffs at My Existence
  37. Accept the Truth given to you in the Book of Revelation
  38. Mother of Salvation: Blessed are those who will be given the keys of Paradise.
  39. Cursed are those who curse Me
  40. Mother of Salvation: Many will be stripped of their titles
  41. Hunger of the spirit leaves the soul empty, miserable and lost
  42. The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared
  43. Crusade Prayer (170) To uphold the Holy Word of God.
  44. I Am coming for those who are most undeserving of My Mercy, first
  45. God the Father: The land will be purified, just as My children will be cleansed of all iniquities
  46. My Love for humanity is infinite
  47. Divine Providence will always prevail
  48. Mother of Salvation: Death will soon have no power over man
  49. Remember that after the Second Coming, Purgatory will not exist
  50. When love diminishes, God is diminished in your lives