Messages from The Book of Truth

  1. The Great Tribulation
  2. The Book of Truth
  3. Call to stop Murder/Abortion
  4. The Next Life
  5. The Warning to Mankind to understand the truth
  6. Quest for Wealth
  7. Persecution of Genuine Visionaries
  8. Global Plan to deplete world population and overthrow world leaders
  9. Call on Believers to convert lost souls
  10. Book of Revelation
  11. Stairway to spiritual perfection
  12. Warning of Nuclear War
  13. The Great Warning – A Gift out of Mercy
  14. Conversion
  15. Call to all Churches & Creeds to unite against Evil
  16. Rise of Satanic Groups and World control
  17. Message to Agnostics & Atheists
  18. Warning to Clergy
  19. Cast all doubts aside
  20. The Second Coming
  21. Global Power, The Anti-Christ and Mark of the Beast
  22. Sign of the End Times – But Glory will Return to Earth
  23. The Warning of Hell and the Promise of Paradise
  24. This Book will change lives & save souls
  25. Sins are breaking My Sacred Heart
  26. Second Message from the Virgin Mary
  27. Mankind faces final cleansing
  28. First Message received from Our Saviour Jesus Christ