Messages from The Book of Truth

  1. Do not trouble your hearts, argue over Me or try to outwit Me, for this would not serve any purpose
  2. Crusade Prayer (163) Rescue me from persecution
  3. Mother of Salvation: Humanism will become the substitute for Christianity where no mention of God will be uttered
  4. My Word, they will say, causes so much offense that it will be deemed to be politically incorrect
  5. Mother of Salvation: My Son has sent no one to distract you from these Messages
  6. Many people declare themselves to be Christians, but they do not love Me
  7. Many are called but few are chosen to stay true to Me
  8. I never change. I never adapt to new ways, for I Am as I always Was and will Be. I Am Eternal
  9. I was mocked, slandered and accused of being immoral, a liar and a heretic
  10. A perfect world will replace all that is stained and corrupt
  11. When trust is broken, it is usually because the culprit has allowed pride to dictate his thoughts
  12. Mother of Salvation: He, who shows no respect for human life, does not acknowledge God
  13. Crusade Prayer (162) To protect the weak and the innocent
  14. When you trust in Me it must be free of any condition
  15. Crusade Prayer (161) For confidence and peace
  16. Mother of Salvation: Jesus Christ, is not loved by humanity as He once was
  17. Crusade Prayer (160) Help me to love You more
  18. God the Father: Be brave, My little ones, for My Great Kingdom will soon be yours
  19. Man-made doctrine will not feed your soul
  20. God the Father: When My Will is established peace will reign
  21. The human intellect is not capable of understanding all that is of Me
  22. The world has forsaken Me, as foretold, and the greatest betrayal upon My Body has been inflicted
  23. Knowing what I taught is, in itself, no good, unless you love one another as I love you
  24. My Word is very simple, easy to understand, but not as easy to live
  25. Mother of Salvation: Only with the Love of God in your souls can you spread the Word of God
  26. Crusade Prayer (159) Plea for God’s Love
  27. Mother of Salvation: I will work closely with my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in His final act to salvage humanity
  28. Man responds to love with love, just as hatred breeds hatred
  29. God the Father: I Am the Truth. Take My Hand and follow Me. All Life comes from Me
  30. Mother of Salvation: It will soon become unlawful to declare that you follow Jesus Christ
  31. Your faith will be tested like never before
  32. You can only uphold the Truth, for I Am the Truth. Deny the Truth and you deny Me
  33. You must never reject God because of the evil acts of those who falsely claim to serve Him
  34. Mother of Salvation: The True Church will become a Remnant
  35. Crusade Prayer (158) Protect me from the one world religion
  36. My Church, when it divides and falls, will embrace humanism with great relish
  37. Not one of you is capable of understanding Divine Laws
  38. Do not cut off ties with those who hate you because of Me
  39. Compare Me to a mother who has to separate from her child at birth
  40. Mother of Salvation: To serve my Son truly, you must love Him first. To love my Son you must know Him first
  41. Mother of Salvation: These Miracles will happen over a period of three years
  42. Mother of Salvation: For every step you take to come closer to my Precious Son, you will take two steps backwards
  43. The world is starved of the Truth of My Word
  44. The doors have been opened to allow the heathen to desecrate My Church
  45. I will tear down the temples of these sects and stop them in their vile acts against God’s children
  46. I Am Gentle, Loving and Patient
  47. You must never worship any other god, but the Triune God
  48. Crusade Prayer (157) For souls in captivity
  49. That will be the Greatest Day since God created Adam and Eve
  50. God the Father: The Power of the Blessed Trinity is beyond the interference of man