Messages from The Book of Truth

  1. The beginning and the end of the world will become as one
  2. God the Father: Very few of you will reject the new one world church and so My Intervention will be swift
  3. Crusade Prayer (147) God the Father, show Mercy on those who deny Your Son
  4. There is only one path to God and that is through Me, Jesus Christ. There is no other route
  5. My New Paradise will become the World without end – as foretold
  6. The Cross is your link to Eternal Life. Never forsake the Cross
  7. As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day
  8. My Love and your faith, combined, will become the Sword of Salvation
  9. Mother of Salvation: Jesus was like you, in all things, except sin, for that would have been impossible
  10. Crusade Prayer (146) Protection against deception
  11. My most esteemed Bishop will be the subject of a terrible miscarriage of justice
  12. Mother of Salvation: My Son, Jesus Christ, will be betrayed by another Judas and one with great authority
  13. You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity
  14. Those who try to uphold the Word, within My Churches, will be silenced by expulsion
  15. My final Plan to gather My Church into My Refuge is about to be revealed
  16. They will lead millions of Catholics into grave error and My Churches will lose their Sanctity
  17. Crusade Prayer (145) Fill me with Your Gift of Love
  18. As long as love thrives, the human race can survive
  19. Mother of Salvation: The conversion, Promised by my Father, will begin this month
  20. Crusade Prayer (144) To protect the Christian Faith
  21. It was for these poor souls that I cried Tears of Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane
  22. God the Father: Earthquakes will strike your cities
  23. Oh woe to those chosen by the Lord to serve Him in the last days, for they will not be awake to My Call
  24. Every effort will be made by men of science to disprove the Existence of God over the next two years
  25. By allowing themselves to be bullied by the heathen, they will become like heathen
  26. They are Mine. I Am theirs. That will always be the case. I love them all. It is that simple
  27. Mother of Salvation: Ask me, your beloved Mother, to give you the strength to carry on and to protect the Mission of Salvation
  28. Crusade Prayer (143) To protect the Mission of Salvation:
  29. God the Father: The famine, which will grip the world as the Third Seal is opened, will not be confined to the lack of food
  30. What good is it to Me if a man is brought before Me dragging and kicking his heels? It is useless
  31. Once a soul is created by My Father, it will last for eternity
  32. Crusade Prayer (142) Preparing for death
  33. There will rise a fearful army, the likes of which will never have been seen before
  34. Those who curse Me will be cursed
  35. It is far better to endure pain in My Name than to be glorified by sinners for doing wrong in My Eyes
  36. Crusade Prayer (141) Protection against persecution
  37. The Paradise, created by My Father for His children, is to be returned to them, finally, in all its original Glory
  38. It will only be when the Holy Eucharist is abolished completely that the antichrist will enter My Church
  39. God the Father: For this is the final period – the final chapter in the fulfillment of My Holy Will
  40. Crusade Prayer (140) Protection of Hierarchy of Angels
  41. My Tears will have ceased by then, but My Sadness will be never ending
  42. Mother of Salvation: They will present a new red book, with the head of a goat embedded within its cover
  43. To demand the rights of Christians will be tantamount to breaking the law
  44. Mother of Salvation: After The Warning will come a great desire to give glory to God
  45. It is through the influence of the devil that you become unclean in My Eyes
  46. Crusade Prayer (139) For the strength to defeat evil
  47. Wrong will be seen as right and right will be seen as wrong
  48. Wars will escalate, until the Great War is declared
  49. I Am All-Merciful. I do not seek revenge
  50. Love can defeat every affliction suffered by the human race