Messages from The Book of Truth

  1. This new and rapidly created hierarchy will take over My Church
  2. When My Church upholds the Word of God, you must remain obedient to My Church
  3. God the Father: I Am coming to gather the faithful. My Time is soon, as My Son’s Mercy is almost upon you
  4. Very soon, Hell will be formally declared as a place, which does not exist
  5. People who live in today’s world are no different to those who lived thousands of years ago
  6. My Love for humanity is whole. I love all, including those who commit the most wicked acts
  7. When you recite this new Litany during times of great trials I will grant you respite
  8. Litany (6) Gift of Graces
  9. You are about to witness the greatest deceit ever inflicted upon the world by Satan
  10. When My followers, who fall for the deceit to come, deny Me, this does not mean they will say: “I do not believe in Jesus.” No, it will mean this
  11. If there is but just a shred of pride in the soul, the Holy Spirit will never enter it
  12. Mother of Salvation: We first went to Judea and then my Son was taken to India, Persia, Egypt, Greece and England
  13. I will always respond to those of you who beg for Mercy for other souls
  14. Much will be revealed to God’s children, before the Great Day of the Lord
  15. Three out of four will deny Me
  16. Mother of Salvation: The Truth will be twisted and the Word of God will be presented back to front
  17. When you try to re-write the Word of God, you are guilty of blasphemy
  18. You were all given the Truth, but many of you have forgotten it. It bores you. It is too troublesome
  19. Mother of Salvation: My Son has instructed me to bring the world this important Message
  20. Crusade Prayer (131) The Mercy Prayer
  21. All of God’s children are part of His extraordinary family
  22. My plans to save the whole world are in place and not one soul will I let go of easily
  23. Next Christmas the celebration of My Birth will be replaced
  24. Mother of Salvation: This new and obscene imitation of the Word of God will have many believe that it is simply a modern updated version of the New Testament
  25. Soon you will see Me in all of My heavenly Glory and then you will finally understand the Mystery of My Divinity
  26. Mother of Salvation: By the miracle of the Illumination of Conscience, He, my Son, will bring joy, love and hope to the world
  27. You cannot divorce My Church from the Word – the Flesh – because then It cannot Exist
  28. On the Day of Judgement, you will finally understand the Power of God
  29. Only the Light of God can bring eternal happiness
  30. Through the Sacrament of Baptism, the power of the beast is weakened
  31. Pride is a dangerous trait because it convinces man that he is greater than God
  32. You have been prepared now for three years. Rise and take up your cross and follow Me
  33. All during My childhood I knew Who I was
  34. Mother of Salvation: They will be granted honorary doctorates in the false prophet’s newly renovated church
  35. For when you suffer in this way, you bring Me souls and those who bring Me souls belong to Me
  36. You cannot impart the Truth when your ego seeks popularity
  37. I Am preparing the world for My Second Coming and many will hate Me for this
  38. He, the antichrist, will speak many languages, but not one word of Latin will come from his lips
  39. I Am, above all, a God of Great Mercy
  40. Mother of Salvation: My Son died to save your souls, not to free you from the ills of this world
  41. Woe to all of you imposters, for you do not come from Me
  42. I will never walk in the flesh again
  43. Mother of Salvation: I ask that you now begin the Novena of Salvation
  44. Crusade Prayer (130) Novena of Salvation Crusade Prayer:
  45. Satan’s strategy is to fool and deceive believers first, before he destroys them
  46. Pain, persecution, suffering, ridicule and mockery will always be the lot of those chosen souls of God
  47. Heaven will soon declare the final part of God’s Great Plan to save humanity
  48. Mother of Salvation: The enemies of God will commit terrible sacrileges until they have desecrated the Tabernacles
  49. Billions of people will enjoy a life of eternal glory in the Presence of God
  50. Love thrives because it is a Gift from God and has the power to destroy evil