Messages from The Book of Truth

  1. My loyal sacred servants, who remain true to My Word, will rise and guide you
  2. Mother of Salvation: Courage, my dear children, all is in the Hands of my Son
  3. My Mission to save humanity is almost complete
  4. Prayer terrifies the evil one
  5. I can reveal only so much to you before I separate the sheep from the goats.
  6. Mother of Salvation: Pray for the protection of my Son’s Church on earth
  7. The spirit of evil is more powerful than the will of man.
  8. I Am your only real solace in a world which is against Me.
  9. Soon the skies will split and the Fire of the Holy Spirit will be upon you
  10. Enoch and Elijah will not be present in human form
  11. The Holy Bible will become almost impossible to find
  12. You either love Me according to My Word or not at all
  13. Mother of Salvation: the influence of the secular world is akin to that of a great flood
  14. God the Father: I will embrace every person, race, creed and religion
  15. God is Omnipresent – He is everywhere
  16. With wisdom comes the ability to see the Truth
  17. The Warning will help the world to fight the greatest apostasy of all time
  18. Mother of Salvation: people choose their own destiny
  19. Only I know the day or the hour when you will take your last breath
  20. I need you just as you need Me
  21. They justify sin so they do not have to change their lives
  22. Trust is the key to true love
  23. God the Most High: My Power exceeds all that is of this world and beyond it
  24. When love is missing I am absent in the soul
  25. Mother of Salvation: You either accept the Word of God, laid down by Him, or you do not
  26. Without Me, death of the body and the soul would claim the entire human race
  27. Those who exalt themselves before Me but speak evil of others will be cut off from Me.
  28. Thunder and lightning will descend upon the Temple of the Lord
  29. Mother of Salvation: Many substitutions will take place until the new religion is eventually formed
  30. The only danger to humanity is man himself
  31. My Second Coming will create great happiness
  32. Mother of Salvation: the Will of God is insurmountable
  33. Protect My Word. Speak of My Word
  34. Mother of Salvation: God’s Will is a mystery to most of you.
  35. Sin will not be tolerated by those who receive the Tongues of Fire.
  36. Humanism is an affront to God
  37. The Day when I come in My Divine Mercy will be the day of enlightenment
  38. Oh what joy it would bring Me were they to turn to Me on Christmas Day
  39. Mother of Salvation: The Gift of Love is intensified at Christmas
  40. For every good deed you do, say nothing.
  41. Instead, they will fall into the trap of separating dogma from doctrine
  42. Your works for others will mean nothing to Me for you will be judged by your loyalty to the Truth
  43. The conscience of a man is like a mirror to his soul.
  44. The new religion for all people will draw non-Christian faiths
  45. Mother of Salvation: I was sent as His messenger throughout all the ages
  46. Mother of Salvation: My Son has accorded me the power to crush the head of the serpent
  47. God the Father: Without Me there would be nothing. No universe. No love. No life.
  48. Should you embrace new age practices you deny Me
  49. Mother of Salvation: God created a natural order for humanity
  50. My Presence will shake the earth and the ground will tremble